Sunday, August 4, 2013

Catfish Hodge - Boogieman Gonna Get Ya (1973 great us detroit boogie blues & rock - vinyl rip - Wave)

01.Different Strokes 3:47
02.Ghetto 3:12
03.Hungry Love 6:54
04.I Want You (She’s So Heavy) 5:28
05.I’ll Be Gone 5:42
06.Stop 2:42
07.I’m The Man 3:28
08.Boogie Man 9:44

"Hodge possesses a voice that can be heard miles away but can get so low and ethereal you’ll swear he’s singing through you. Few can compare with this man’s power and effect!" (Rolling Stone Magazine)

Catfish Hodge- Vocals
Dallas Hodge- Guitar
Shakey Al Werneken- Guitar
Bob Babitch- Piano
William H.Laudless-Bass
Pat Freer- Drums
Jerry Paul- Percussion


Anonymous said...

where is link?

adamus67 said...

Catfish Hodge - Boogieman Gonna Get Ya 1973 -
This is Bob "Catfish" Hodge's first solo album, after splitting from his old band, Catfish. This album is extremely rare.
Blues rocker Bob "Catfish" Hodge was born and raised in Detroit, and as a teen frequently snuck into Motown Records' Hitsville studio to catch sessions featuring the Four Tops, the Supremes and others. At the end of the 1960s he formed the band Catfish, debuting in 1970 with Get Down; after issuing Live Catfish a year later, Hodge mounted a solo career with 1973's Boogie Man I Gonna Get Ya, relocating to Washington D.C. and becoming a regular opening act for artists including Bonnie Raitt and Little Feat. After a series of solo LPs including 1974's Dinosaurs and Alleycats, 1975's Sop Operas and 1979's Eyewitness Blues, he toured with the Chicken Legs Band during the early 1980s, relocating to California in 1982 and later forming the Bluesbusters with onetime Little Feat guitarist Paul Barrere. After a long absence from the studio, Hodge returned to action in 1994 with Catfish Blues; Like a Big Dog Barkin' followed a year later, and in 1996 he resurfaced with Adventures at Catfish Pond.

hibberni said...

Yet another great upgrade.
Check out the bass player....real mean looking and large.
All bass players should like him.
Tku Silverado

becks dark said...

Thank you very much! If you were here right now I'd buy you a beer

peraberg said...

Thanks for this lost gem

kobilica said...

Irresistible groves on this greeat album.Many thanks...

Mark said...

The entire album is now available for streaming at Search for Catfish Hodge, and select Boogieman Gonna Get Ya. As good as the first (Epic) Catfish album, but much bluesier. The title song should go down in history as one of the most outrageous songs to ever find airplay, albeit limited airplay.

Michael Flaharty said...

Thanks for the post. I played with Pat Freer and Bob Babitch at the time in the Garfield Blues Band in Detroit..Knew these guys well. Babitch is burning on the extended version of Boogieman's Gonna Get You.