Monday, March 5, 2012

Mystery Train - Love Lost ( 2001 great blues featuring Jim McCarty)

"I'm the only guy in rock'n'roll that plays that hollow body jazz guitar and it's because in 1960 I   saw Jimmy McCarty creating those big fat full chords like I do on "Stranglehold"; I learned that  from Jimmy McCarty.   Remember the name Jimmy McCarty. He is as important as Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry and Les Paul...a god on guitar." (By Ted Nugent !!!)

I Need You
Your Loss Now
I'm all alone
Where were you baby?
Allman Joy
Hold it right there
Love is a Rough Business
Come back to me
I'll never turn my back on you
Cold wind

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space88 said...

Sounds judt good!!Many Thanks for the Tip!

kobilica said...

Many thanks.JIM is great guitar player...

rocdoc said...

oh man!
with this love for mccarty, you've got to have some strong detroit connections - prob a redwings fan too, tho i won't hold that against you (i'm for the rival blackhawks, sorry).
um, any of these others that you might feel like reposting, would be just fine by me...some live mystery train would kick ass.
thanks for this re-post!

Jazzy said...

¡Magnifico álbum!
I’m All Alone es mi debilidad.Está maravillosamente decorada con estrofas lúbricas, con una voz atrevidísima y unos punteos con pulso de seda, sencillamente… maravilloso
Excelente banda
Muchas gracias Silverado
un kilo de saludos

Nazareth said...

!!!____Many thanks...____!!!

Anonymous said...

Silverado, I have something at home, but your collection must be like a public library. A million thanks. I wish you well

wyseman said...

This is so good - so together - many, many thanks

Emilio Almeida said...

Dear Silverado, you can update a link paa this post?
Direct from Brazil, Emilio Almeida