lundi 2 février 2015

Nick Gravenites With Mike Bloomfield - My Labors + 7 Bonus Tracks - 1969 Live At Fillmore West - Great Blues (Wave & Mp3 @320)

While this album is listed as a Nick Gravenites album, Michael Bloomfield plays such an integral part, one is tempted to call it "Our Labors." Nick Gravenites is an underrated songwriter/singer and deserves accolades for his work on this and many other albums but the star that really shines,no,blazes, is Michael Bloomfield. His playing on the live cuts is some of the best blues guitar I've ever heard. That's no hyperbole,either. Mike Bloomfield had brains in his fingers and this CD proves it. This is Blues improvisation at its finest. By the way, "My Labors" was recorded in 1969. While some of the studio cuts sound a little dated, the live stuff sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday. Timeless. ( By John B. Ivey "Slothhand")

Mike Bloomfield- guitar, vocals
Nick Gravenites- guitar, vocals
Mark Naftalin- piano
Ira Kamin- organ
John Kahn- bass
Cornelius "Snooky" Flowers- baritone sax
Gerald Oshita- baritone sax
John Wilmeth- trumpet
Noel Jewkes- tenor sax
Dino Andino- congas
Bob Jones- drums, vocals



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