Monday, January 23, 2017

Jim McCarty - Johnny "Bee" Badanjek - Marvin Conrad - 2011-08-02 - Callahans - Auburn Hills, MI (Flac)

They were only a warm up for Johnny Winter , and musically it is the world upside down !!!
What a show... people begin to leave venue after this show... Not to wait for Johnny Winter. McCarty is real deal ! and what about the voice of Badanjek , I have the impression of hearing Nick Gravenites !!!
Thank you Billy Bardo for this gemm !!!

Jim McCarty - Guitar, Vocals
Johnny "Bee" Badanjek - Drums - Lead Vocals
Marvin Conrad - Bass



space88 said...

Cool Concert!!Many Thanks!

Anonymous said...

McCarty on the top !!!
Thank You, Silver.

Squadder said...

I'm exited to find a new show by Jim, Johnny & Marvin.

becks dark said...

This has to be the greatest upload ever in the history of mankind!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for great concert :-)


1. Dust my blues
2. Got live if you want it
3. You can't judge a book (by looking at it's cover)
4. High heeled sneakers
6.Whiskey head
8.Let it rock

Timbo said...

Loved this one! J-Mac rules.

Surfer said...

Please re-up !!!
Thanks in advance.

drogos said...

Reading your comments, difficult to miss this one. Many thanks for sharing and congratulations for your job to keep this blog alive.
Best Regards,

Juan Martín Palacios Pareja said...

Thank you very much for this post, since I have been looking for it for a long time. It would be possible to resubmit the other post, by Jimmy McCarty and Detroit Blues Band.

rbarban said...

He's back there again Feb 11, 2017: