Sunday, March 6, 2011

Terry & The Pirates - Record Plant - Sausalito, CA - Ksan FM - 1973-06-24

01. Intro Instumental Music > Tom Donahue Intro 1:55
02. Fifth Of Bliss 6:09
03. Ready For The Country 4:05
04. Angie 5:55
05. Truer Than Blue 6:12
06. Inlaws And Outlaws 6:09
07. Walking The Plank 4:14
08. Tom Donahue's Band Introduction 0:42
09. Rave On 3:36
10. Nothing To Lose 4:37
11. Purple And Blonde 5:36
12. Rainbow 3:59
13. Queen Of Thieves > Tom Donahue Outro 5:56

Total Time: 59:05

Terry Dolan - Guitars & Vocals
Greg Douglass - Guitars
John Cipollina - Guitars, Electric 12-String on 7
Hutch Hutchinson - Bass
David Weber - Drums

Great FM concert by Terry & The Pirates ...In 1973 Terry Dolan was backed by Greg Douglass on Guitar and a part of Copperhead with Hutch Hutchinson on Bass ...David Weber on Drums ....And Of course the "Master" himself on Guitar ...Mr John Cipollina !!!
Enjoy !!!

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uros said...

Thank you for such a huge wonderful posts, from Spirit to all John Cippolina's work.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to listen to this one. Thank you, thank you.

john said...

Like going down into the mine and finding a big old "diamond". Thank You.

Anonymous said...

nice stuff thank you!!

Anonymous said...

...fancy nickin' Robert Hunter's artwork.....shame on you.
great site tho....

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Thank you Remy29

Anonymous said...

this one is long time gone, hope there's a chance it'll be back some day!