Friday, August 30, 2013

Eric Burdon & Tovarich - Live At The Whisky A GoGo - October 1971 (Wave)

Great gig with fantastic musicians (George Suranovich & John Sterling particularly)
Enjoy !!!

01- City Boy
02- All I Do
03- The Man
04- Stop
05- Gotta Get It On
06- Funky Fever
07- Be Mine
08- Soledad
09- The House Of The Rising Sun
10- Stop (Live 1978)
11- Be Mine (Live 1978)

Vocals: Eric Burdon
Guitar: John Sterling
Bass: Kim Kesterson
Keyboards: Terry Ryan
Drums: George Suranovich


zubbid said...

Nice. I've really admired George Suranovich's playing with Love, so his name alone is sufficient to make this a necessary listen.

24HRDEJAVU said...

An interesting line up of musicians here in support of Burdon Suranovich,Sterling and Kesterson would support Artur Lee in a version of Love around 86-87 or somewhere around then

snakeboy said...

Wow...Eric Burdon and some lter Love members.

Anonymous said...

Extraordinario disco, exelentes musicos en especial su guitarrista
todos sus temas de primer nivel la voz s Eric Burdon un clasico.
Muchas gracias

Anonymous said...

Eric Burdon with musicians of Love. What else to ask. Many thanks for sharing this gem.
Best regards,

adamus67 said...

"Eric Burdon remains a curiously compelling live performer. His blues growl has not been tamed, nor has his musical integrity or his acute sense of showmanship. He remains ... one of rock's most worthy sons"
Enjoy !!!
Eric Burdon, the former Animals frontman in 1971, created a very short-lived band called Tovarich, and played with the band in October 11, 1971 at the famous Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles.
: Great gig with fantastic musicians (George Suranovich & John Sterling particularly) concert was a shame that this lineup of the band only existed for a few months, but luck is that it remained a relatively good quality recording for posterity.

George then played briefly with the Blues Image before joining the Eric Burdon Band. While working on the album "Guilty", George met John Sterling (guitar) and Kim Kesterson (bass). Along with Kevin Kelly (keyboards), they formed Tovarich (Russian for "Comrades"). Besides backing Burdon and blues/jazz vocalist Jimmy Witherspoon, they became a popular attraction on the L.A. club circuit and recorded an album of their own (unreleased). They later recorded a second album with Burdon, "Stop!", as well as "Black & White Blues" by Burdon and Witherspoon. That album, released only in Europe, included George's composition "Wicked Wicked Man"(which was recently resurrected by Burdon as the title track of one of his own albums). Tovarich also provided the soundtrack to the movie "Revenge of the Cheerleaders".

When ex-Love drummer George Suranovich passed away on February 15, 1990, not only did I lose a good friend and mentor, but the music world lost one of its great talents.
Best regards,
all the best,

Anonymous said...

oldfuzzface:wow,this is smokin'!Excellent band behind Eric..great guitar action and drummer.I'm an old guy and never heard of Tovarich.Thanks again for sharing,Silverado

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic show! a great find and a pity there is no other concerts available.
Is it my ears or..I feel Eric's voice have something wrong.
Maybe this tape need to have speed slightly corrected (slowed).
Thanks anyway!!!

Anonymous said...

Please re-post this Eric Burdon. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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