Monday, May 15, 2017

Copperhead With John Cipollina - Hollywood Palladium LA - 1972-04-28 (Flac)

01- Kibitzer
02- Highway #9 (aka Back Roads)
03- Spin Spin
04- Wang Dang Do
05- Rider
06- Cobra
07- Drunken Irish Setter
08- Instrumental
09- Bigelow 6-9000
10- Roller Derby Star

John Cipollina - Lead Guitar
Jim McPherson - Vocals, Piano
Gary Philippet - Vocals, Guitar
David Weber - Drums
Hutch Hutchinson - Vocals, Bass

Excellent and rare concert of Copperhead ...
Enjoy !!!



Anonymous said...

....and I thought that you had switched to something else after the last Terry & the Pirates. Fantastic to find this as I swung through today, many thanks.

24HRDEJAVU said...

another good one!! Thanks

space88 said...


george said...

as usual,when i want a Cipollina
album i know the right place...
Hi are you ?
Greece is fine...for holidays.
George - too old to rock

Anonymous said...

Used to see Copperhead all the time in the Bay Area. Thanks so much! BTW: the artwork says 1974, but the file info says 1972. Seems like this is probably 1972 and the artwork is incorrect.

john said...

thanks for the Copperhead concert. Thanks to the people who recorded these concerts so long ago. thank you. John Ciipollina forever.

Anonymous said...

link broken- incomplete

bk said...

I have a 14 track version of this