lundi 15 mai 2017

Copperhead With John Cipollina - Hollywood Palladium LA - 1972-04-28 (Flac)

01- Kibitzer
02- Highway #9 (aka Back Roads)
03- Spin Spin
04- Wang Dang Do
05- Rider
06- Cobra
07- Drunken Irish Setter
08- Instrumental
09- Bigelow 6-9000
10- Roller Derby Star

John Cipollina - Lead Guitar
Jim McPherson - Vocals, Piano
Gary Philippet - Vocals, Guitar
David Weber - Drums
Hutch Hutchinson - Vocals, Bass

Excellent and rare concert of Copperhead ...
Enjoy !!!


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Anonyme a dit…

....and I thought that you had switched to something else after the last Terry & the Pirates. Fantastic to find this as I swung through today, many thanks.

24HRDEJAVU a dit…

another good one!! Thanks

space88 a dit…


george a dit…

as usual,when i want a Cipollina
album i know the right place...
Hi are you ?
Greece is fine...for holidays.
George - too old to rock

Anonyme a dit…

Used to see Copperhead all the time in the Bay Area. Thanks so much! BTW: the artwork says 1974, but the file info says 1972. Seems like this is probably 1972 and the artwork is incorrect.

john a dit…

thanks for the Copperhead concert. Thanks to the people who recorded these concerts so long ago. thank you. John Ciipollina forever.

Anonyme a dit…

link broken- incomplete

bk a dit…

I have a 14 track version of this