Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fleetwood Mac-1969-09-24 Helsinki, Kultuuritalo & Helsinki July 1968

1969-09-24 Helsinki, Kultuuritalo:
01. Homework
02. Man Of The World,
03. Like It This Way,
04. Only You,
05. I Believe My Time Ain't Long,
06. Stranger Blues,
07. All over again aka "I´ve got a good Mind to give up living"
08. Oh Well,
09. Comin' Your Way,
10.Shake your money Maker*(not incl in previous upload)
11. Albatross,
12. Great Balls Of Fire (Tape flaws )
13.Jenny, Jenny/cut´s early
------Audience portion:
14.Before the Beginning
15.Rattlesnake Shake
16Loving Kind
17.Great Balls of Fire(same version as FM version above)
18.Keep a Knockin´
19.Closing Anouncements
Helsinki July 1968 Audience:
20.If you let me love you
21.Something Inside of Me
22.Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
23.Stop Messing arround

Peter Green - Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Spencer - Slide Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Danny Kirwan – Guitar, Vocals
John McVie - Bass
Mick Fleetwood - Drums

When Peter Green shone like the the Sun and was the equal of Hendrix & Cipollina before burning his wings in 1970....Enjoy !!!
Links in Flac


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the FLAC files of these early Fleetwood Mac shows.

Anonymous said...

Great star one of the best in the world!

Anonymous said...

It's always great to hear some music from peter green's fleetwood mac , thanks.

Terry said...

Nice one - I've not come across this recording before. It amazes me how much live music from this era was recorded, and still exists. Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac is always a delight to listen to.
Many thanks.

Luis Rush said...

Hello, how are you!

Im looking for the MP3 links, will you put them?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks from Finland , mz

Anonymous said...

Why FLAC?? Sound is very bad like SW or MW rec. Is not FM radio records.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting FLAC files of this concert.

Anonymous said...

Multiupload no longer active. Any chance for re-up? -- smitty61

pat said...

yes dead