mercredi 30 novembre 2016

Free Will - Cold, Cold Morning (1969 great us hard rock & blues pre Jukin' Bone - Flac)

Earliest demo recording (01 to 05) and a recording made in Waterbury, Conn (06 to 13) With John DeMaso joining the group on bass. Features the legendary “Are You Gone?”
Who would thought the have made such a fine cover of "River Deep Mountain High". "Step inside love" is so fine romantic lyrical song, "No Resurrection" same and also "Heart full of Soul", "I believe to my Soul", so fine blues rock song and last song is such a big highlight. They should really deserve to be on the same train as Spirit or Linn County. (By Uros)

01- River Deep Mountain High (Spector/Barry/Greenwich)
02- Cold, Cold Morning (Egosarian)
03- Name In The Wind (Egosarian)
04- Step Inside Love (Lennon/McCartney)
05- No Resurrection (Doyle/Glaister)
06- Heart Full Of Soul (Gouldman)
07- State Police Boogie (Doyle/Whiting)
08- Way Out (Doyle/Whiting) 
09- Changes (Irwin)
10- I Believe To My Soul (Charles)
11- Are You Gone ? (Doyle Whiting)
12- Chuck Berry Medley (Berry)
13- Skaneateles Cellar Incident (Doyle)
Recorded February 1969 (1 to 5) & November 1969 (6 to 13)

Joe Whiting - Lead Vocals, Tenor Sax
Mark Doyle - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Piano on 13
Bill Irvin - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Lead Vocals on 9
Tom Glaister - Drums
George Egosarian - Bass on 1 thru 5
John DeMaso - Bass on 6 thru 13

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kobilica a dit…

Realy great blues rock a hidden treasure.Many thank for flac...

kobilica a dit…

"SILVERADO" I can't extract the last thre trcks...

Anonyme a dit…

Any chance to re up this from a different site? Megaupload is no more as I'm sure you are aware.


Hey Anonymous new link fixed ...

Iceman a dit…

Jumbo File link is "expired". Any chance you might re-upload? Depositfile, Zippyshare, RS, 4Shared, etc.?

Mayblitz a dit…

Un grand merci pour tous ces Free Will avec un son très correct et avec des reprises étonnantes mais réussies.

Unknown a dit…

Maybe one of the most beautiful rock album I heard!!!