dimanche 1 octobre 2017

Inmates - The Heat Of The Night (1998 Great UK Rock'n'roll - Flac)

01 Security (3:12)
02 She's Gone Rockin'(3:27)
03 A Thing Called Love (5:23)
04 Am I Still Your Man (4:14)
05 Precious Blue (4:05)
06 Caroline (3:13)
07 Let's Talk About Girls (2:25)
08 The Walk (2:58)
09 Find Another Fool (4:49)
10 Some Kinda Wonderful (7:11)
11 Breakdown (3:55)
12 Dead Red Roses (3:29)
13 Too Hot (3:38)
14 Dirty Water (3:32)
15 Sweet Nuthin's (5:58)

Some Great Rock'n'roll with the Inmates live in 1998 . 
The Inmates in their element- live and sweating R&B from every pore. With its storming mix of originals and covers this CD shows why the Inmates are the true heirs of the Stones. If you thought the Feelgood's "Stupidity" was good, try this!


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Jobe a dit…

These guys smoke!!!!

paco a dit…

podrias volver a postear los otros discos de inmates

Anonyme a dit…

Hi - the link seems to have a fault.

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Hey man the link (Depositfiles) does not work, can you reup please on another platform.

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why you post things if people can't d/l? Makes no sense!

digger a dit…

Thank you Silverado ! No issues to dl.

Ton D a dit…

Thanks for the upload. Download works fine !