Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fleetwood Mac - The Roundhouse London - UK - April 24th 1970

April 24, 1970 — In early April, when Fleetwood Mac returned to London after an emotional European tour, Peter Green, devastated by drugs, suddenly announced he would be leaving the group in late May. Clifford Davis, the band’s manager, reluctantly began cancelling an upcoming British tour set to begin the following month. Relationships in the stunned band were strained, but the Mac still had to complete recording “The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown)”, Peter’s final studio effort with them, as well as a B-side for the single. To underscore the troubled band relationships, Jeremy Spencer opted out of these sessions to work on his own album.
Despite the high tension, the recording sessions at De Lane Lea Studios in London, driven by the intense music, still had their moments. Mick set up his new gong, surrounded by six microphones and miles of cables, in the underground car park below the studio. When Mick banged his gong, that car park vibrated like a giant bell with an eerie ringing that reverberated off the walls. Talk about an echo! Another night, Carlos Santana showed up, and it didn’t take long for a lengthy jam session to start. In the past, Peter often hit upon brilliant melodic ideas in the midst of jams like these, and on this night, he was showing Santana some pretty impressive licks. At some point, Peter had introduced Santana to “Black Magic Woman”, the hit that Carlos would record shortly thereafter for his own band’s second album. Throughout the sessions, Clifford did his best to convince Peter to stay, but Greenie steadfastly maintained his intention to leave, seemingly happier now that his decision was public.


Anonymous said...

Certainly the last live concert recorded with the magic guitar of Peter Green.Since 40 years who is the ghost playing under his name.Never this artist will play at the level he played in the sixties.
Thanks for this beautiful post.

spunkie said...

Sweet return. Just the thing I needed to get me over my breakdown.

Thanks Sliver

. said...

The sound on this seems to be spectacularly good. I was fearing the usual hiss and wobble, but this is (at least the first track) a great surprise.

Many thanks!

Slidewell said...

It's really a shame this band doesn't get the props it deserves. I agree with BB King. Peter Green was the best. And Danny Kirwen was also a tremendous talent who should have had a great career of his own. So sad that both have suffered so much.

Loren said...

The best Fleetwood Mac. Thanks for the share.

Bill said...

This early Mac was very good. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Never seen this one before. looks nice, i will give it a try. thanx. Greens was the best!

john said...

thanks for the 1st fleetwood mac. peter green better then the rest. thank you for your blog one of my favorites.

badger said...

amazing find on your most
excellent blog.
i agree with anonymous; there was
never a Peter Green after the end
of the original F.M.
THIS ist the stuff he should be
remembered for.

Phonomaster said...

Thank you for this. Vintage Greenie is always in style!

@ "." (nice handle) who said I was fearing the usual hiss, but this is (at least the first track) a great surprise,: yeah, who needs cymbals, breathing, sibilance, nuances and naturalness, anyway!

Personally I'd rather have the tape hiss - it's not hard to ignore. What is hard to ignore is that somewhere along the line some bonehead filtered this to get rid of the hiss and took half the music with it. What a shame.

Jobe said...

Hell I don't care if it was recorded on a close and play. Finding this gem is great. Thank-You

Anonymous said...

New link please. Thank you very much.