lundi 15 mai 2017

The Sheiks With John Cipollina - My Father's Place - Roslyn - NY - August 07 1977 (Flac)

Summer of 1977. I'd quit working as roadie/soundman/fill-in drummer for local NY band The Sheiks. I decided it was time to be in my own band. Anyway, we heard that the night club, My Father's Place, somehow got in touch with John Cipollina and convinced him to come to NY and play with a couple of local bands, especially the Shieks. He came in mid week and made it in time for the later part of the evening at another of the clubs they usually played called Arthurs in Massapequa, NY. It was great to see John playing with my old friends in a local bar. As we didn't see john in NY too often then, we had no idea that he normally played with everyone all the time back in S.F. They rehearsed the next night and afterwards the Sheiks took John to see local blues legend, Little Buster. I understand he did sit in but nothing was recorded. The next 2 nights, the Sheiks along with John, played at the most popular local club in the area, the Right Track Inn in Freeport, NY. After the 2nd night, I took John back to his hotel where we stayed up all night talking about the heyday of the bay area and listening to tapes he'd brought with him. About 5 am, a knock at the door surprised me. It was Link Wray, who was staying in the next room and who would be opening the following night's show at My Father's Place. As the Sheiks normally played sunday nights at the Right Track, my new band ended up taking their place meaning I could not attend the show at My Father's Place. I was able to get another friend of the Sheiks to record the show. Unfortunately, he either wasn't prepared or didn't know who Link Wray was so that set, which included John guesting from what I heard later, was not taped. So, here's the complete Sheiks and John show that's gone around for many years in an incomplete form and with some incorrect information. Another result of this meeting was Sheik's guitarist Don Gaynor's decision to leave and do a solo lp. He ended up moving to S.F. and eventually played in the Heart of Gold Band with the Grateful Dead's Keith and Donna Godchaux.
Enjoy !!! (Dave Tamarkin)

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Anonyme a dit…

there's also a portuguese band from the 60's with this name, take a look at


Record Fiend a dit…

Looks very interesting. But then again, I'm a sucker for anything with John Cipollina. Thanks for sharing.


GEORGE a dit…

When i want my beloved Cipo.. i know
where to search..thanks Silver..and i wish you a happy new year full of health and Rock..
Too old to rock...

Anonyme a dit…

loved the sheiks at arthurs, GREAT place to party, plenty of long island hippie chicks. when & why did russell seeger leave the band.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for the Sheiks and John Cipollona - is there any way to get any of the older posts that were on rapidshare but now seem to be in limbo? It would be truly awesome to pick up some of those jems you had previously posted. Saw him at the Fillmore East - incredible! Still rocking after all these years, Pittmann

jimmy a dit…

I recorded this show using 2 Sony ECM P-22 cardoid condenser mics that were placed atop empty beer pitchers on our table. I really didn't know many song titles other than mona, hong kong blues,etc.
This recording has been shared quite often

What an incredible night, its the last time I saw JC