jeudi 4 janvier 2018

Jim McCarty & Mystery Train - Live In Auburn Hills . MI .March 21 & 22 2008 (Flac)

Repost by request 
Great concert by Jim McCarty & his band Mystery Train , including his son Dylan McCarty on drums ....
Enjoy !!!


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scott a dit…

happy new years my friend could you please reup this cd greatly appreciated thanks

rbarban a dit…

Sad to see that Callahan's is closing. Hopefully some one will buy the place and continue to book blues and rock artists!

ziggy a dit…

Iwould like to download Jim McCarty & Mystert train "live in Auburn hills"
# 1... is ithe recording still available ?
# 2 ...My virus scan doesn't like theprogram your using to dowmload this recording .
Is there a better way to do this ?